Reiki & Quantum Energy Healing

“Relax the Body, Calm the Mind And Soothe the Soul”

What is Reiki:

Reiki– is a gentle and holistic healing technique that originated in Japan. This beautiful energy is passed through the therapist into the client, with the aim to improve overall wellbeing

Angelic Reiki Guide session– provides a deep healing experience with the support of the angels and includes an angel card reading

Quantum Energy Healing– Quantum Healing is a beautiful energy, It works like Reiki energy healing but at a much faster speed. It works on a deeper level to help clear your energy of any blocks, limiting beliefs and anything which are holding you back. – includes an angel card reading

Benefits of this beautiful energy healing:

  • Physical Health- Support with pain symptoms, headaches, migraines, arthritic pain, muscle tension and so much more
  • Emotional & Mental Health: Support with symptoms of anxiety, stress, support with low mood and so much more
  • Spiritual Health: Rebalancing the energy flow in the body, release emotional blocks, supports with the healing of past traumas and so much more

Reiki/Quantum Energy Healing Menu

**Reiki/Quantum Energy Packages need to be paid for in full at the time of booking before the first appointment can be confirmed**

In order to notice any improvement in relaxation, or symptoms more than one session is required. With this in Mind we are offering two package options and individual sessions are still available

The packages start with an initial consultation and will include Your chosen Energy sessions, wellbeing guidance, Sound healing at the end of the session, along with an Aura spritz using one of our energy sprays.

Six Sessions Reiki- £210- Save £30

Three sessions Reiki- £120- Save £15

Individual Reiki session- 1 hour – £45

Six Sessions- Angelic Reiki Guide – £260- Save £40

Three Sessions- Angelic Reiki Guide- £130- Save £20

Individual Angelic Reiki Guide session- 1 Hour & 15 mins- £50

Six sessions- Quantum Energy- £260- Save £40

Three sessions- Quantum Energy- £130- Save £20

Individual Quantum Energy Healing – 1 Hour & 15 mins-£50

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