Wellbeing in Health & Social Care Settings

As part of my offer, we can come into your health and social care setting to offer relaxing treatments for your clients and for your team. I have over 30 years experience working in various Health & Social Care settings and are enhanced DBS checked.

I already work with clients who are elderly, or who have dementia, experienced a stroke, clients with learning disabilities or clients who have a mental health condition.

Treatment Offer:

Seated Massage- for your team and clients (dependent on their needs needs)- Massage is done fully clothed and seated and focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and upper back- supports relaxation good for stress and anxiety

Reflexology- Feet or hand reflexology- helps to promote relaxation, improve mood, brings about a sense of balance and overall wellbeing- promotes interaction and can bring clients into the here and now

Hand and Arm Massage- never underestimate the power of appropriate touch, it can bring about a sense of calm, support clients to be in the here and now and promotes interaction

Benefits to clients of Complementary therapies:

  1. Promotes positive interaction
  2. Helps to bring about a sense of calm and relaxation
  3. Can improve mood
  4. Supports clients to be in the here and now
  5. Can support with relieving or easing aches, pains, stiffness in joints
  6. Promotes a sense of well being

Benefits to Team & Organisation of Complementary Therapies:

  1. Promotes a person centred approach to care
  2. Demonstrates that your organisation recognises and promotes the wellbeing of its clients and team
  3. Could reduce the sickness levels of the team- save money on paying for sick leave or covering sick leave
  4. Increase in staff morale
  5. Supports symptoms of stress, anxiety and tension- improvement in mood
  6. Shows your team you appreciate them and value their well being

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